I’ll repeat it one more time, since apparently it didn’t stick last time.. If you aren't here for 'all people being beautiful and worthy', I'm not sure why you popped up in the comments.If you notice, in my piece I said “we” and “people” because I am not talking about just women, or just men, I’m talking about everyone regardless of how they identify. I stand by the fact that everyone is beautiful in their own ways.

You talk about beauty in terms of someone’s physical body and aesthetic. I’m speaking to their entire person. Their mind, their heart, their soul... you know the important things.

In regards to your question, I have no preference for ones physical appearance. I have a presence towards someone with a good heart, a curious mind, and a loving soul.

This is the different between you and I.

You sir, are most certainly wrong. Good day.

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Coffee fanatic, with a dramatic inner dialogue — a poet and Historical fiction enthusiast, longing for a time that’s gone — an old soul — Writer of fiction

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