Karmen, thank you for reading and taking time to drop a note.With regards to what I mean by normal, I’d like to think that normal is somewhere in the ball park of not living with PTSD induced by an abusive and/or traumatic relationship. Certainly, there is no set criteria for what normal is, but toxic abusive relationships certainly aren’t one of them.

The two first paragraphs of my piece discuss a long day at work, a messy house, an appreciation for a good read, and a glass of wine. While I see where you might take “a generous glass of wine” as an alternative, verging on substance abuse, I can assure you that was not the intention behind it. The behavior that follows is not a result of the wine, but rather, a result of living in fight mode too long, and your body being unfamiliar with what relaxation might feel like, and because it is different than the norm, panicking.

I hope I’ve addresses all your point sufficiently, again, thank you for reading and take care.

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Coffee fanatic, with a dramatic inner dialogue — a poet and Historical fiction enthusiast, longing for a time that’s gone — an old soul — Writer of fiction

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